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News, 10/14/2008

Finnish - Bulgarian art project in Sofia


Elina Försti, Barn from Kauhava 2007, oil on canvas, 140x180 cmOn October 9 The National Art Gallery of Sofia introduced an exhibition by a Finnish - Bulgarian artist group. The project presents four artists: Elina Försti and Liisa Malkamo from Finland and Daniela Todorova and the sculptor Todor Todorov from Bulgaria. The exhibition is part of a bigger project that the artists have designed together and it will be shown between 2008 - 2010 in Finland and Bulgaria.


Todor Todorov, Titanik 2008, paper sculpture, 480/460/200 cmThe idea for this art project was born when DanielaTodorova visited the Nelimarkka Museum's artist residence in Alajärvi in the countryside of Finland. Soon the artists decided to organize an intercultural project that would include different kinds of styles and ways of doing art: fine arts, sculpturing and graphics. The purpose was to create new pieces for every exhibition, so that all of them would be different and fresh. In the exhibition it was possible to see how everyone had preserved their uniqueness and origins as artists but at the same time having all the pieces in harmony in one space. A project like this connects people and countries and creates new possibilities for cross - cultural interaction.


The artists shared that working together was inspirational and easy and it was possible to sense an atmosphere of great friendliness and understanding between them. One of the most important things for both Bulgarians and Finns was the fact that the project was non - commercial and totally artist driven, and funding for it was provided along the way. The message of this exhibition is about the importance of collaboration between different countries and the possibilities that come with it. The exhibition continues until 2 November.

                                                      Liisa Malkamo, Mikros timvos IV, V, VI 2007, acrylic on canvas, 30x30 cm            Daniela Todorova, The Threes of Dreams 2008, sculpture from paper, 100/220/300 cm

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